Jan 19, 2013


One time, I had an idea for a Minecraft mod called Otherworld, but lately I've been thinking it would be neat to transfer the story and idea to an actual game. Though it wouldn't be the same, given that in Minecraft the player can construct anything out of blocks. Still, Otherworld would be a vast alien world where you must survive, collect materials, craft, and find a way off the dreadful "other" world. But all is not as it seems; soon you discover this Otherworld has been visited before, and something larger is in place. Of course, I'm not gonna spill the beans, so you'll have to wait for the rest if the game ever becomes real.

I created a mockup of what the game would look like. I couldn't choose which color scheme I liked so I saved them all as potential colors for various environments and atmosphere throughout the Otherworld.