May 9, 2012

Project Auro

Last summer I worked on a personal game called Project Auro. Like many times before, I've attempted at creating my own games, but coding is beyond me, so I am only able to make the visuals and assets. I've made a few maps, and played with GUI graphics and stuff. I'm not sure about the characters-they were placeholders for something better. I tried making this game happen using RPGmaker but it's a very limited program lol. I have stumbled upon my files today and decided might as well post it up on my blog and share it.

The world is filled with powerful creatures that can be captured and used for fighting, support, and ambition. However, the game takes place in the distant past. The premise is similar to the Pokemon games, with a mature story line, and different rpg elements. It is a dark setting, where evil and magic is very present and where powerful magical creatures are the means and weapons.

The game is supposed to be very moody, atmospheric, and layered with all kinds of weather effects such as misty clouds, rain, lightning, snow, and glowing particles.

A general forest region filled with "encounter" bushes like in the Pokemon games. You walk in the bushes to encounter creatures to fight or capture.

Some prototype GUI for dialogue with NPCs.

Prototype battle system GUI

GUI menu stuff.

A swamp biome. Unfortunately I lost the original psd file that had the entire map. I could only savage the preview image above :[ I had decided to change the resolution to something smaller so the maps could move as you walk.

Four of the many creatures I drew. 

Essentially the "starters" of the game.