Dec 8, 2011

Promotional Piece and Secret Project

For computer illustration, I had to create a promotional piece-I decided to make a small postcard environment with my info. However, it's not simply just a postcard environment. I and a secret friend are doing a very secret project where we are creating our very own world, and this environment is just a glimpse ;)

You can check out the process, and further exploration below:

A preliminary sketch of the architecture of these plains people.

A speedpaint exploring the plains environment of the plains people that live there. 

The city resides atop a cliff in a large Plains landscape.

Detail shot: These people worship many different gods-they decorate their edifices with gigantic depictions and portraits of the gods they worship. 

At night, these people use little fire except indoors. Outdoors they use the bioluminescent blood of a certain creature to light their city.