Sep 6, 2011

Garuda Creature Design

Creature design at the CGMW Character Design class with Izzy Mendoza :P This was quite challenging since I had no feedback to my thumbnails and I went through many revisions. I must have spent about 10-15 hours doing reference researching and every time I came up with a new idea, I spent even more time doing reference searching. It was fun though, that's what counts :) I ran out of time as I had continued working beyond the due date and I needed to turn it in before it was too late.

The creature is Garuda, a gigantic eagle-headed bird-man with a golden body and red wings that wears the crown of Vishnu(or a similar crown). Garuda is said to block out the sun, and its wings span many miles. Since we should be reinventing the idea of a creature, I decided to make the Garuda more creature-like and less humanoid by fusing bateleur(a serpent eagle) and dinosaur-like anatomy. Eventually it turned out more bird-like than dinosaur and I gave it some sort of headgear and accessories to personalize the creature and make it more of a character in one sense.